Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The only rhyming poem I've ever attempted.. From high school :)

The Mermaid

One night, under the sea,
there lived a mermaid
and the mermaid was me.
The sky was black
with tiny sprinkles of light
everything was dark
and I was filled with fright.
I decided to swim to the top for some air,
when I realized too late
the beach had many people there.
Just as I reached the surface of the water,
a guy grabbed my arm
and claimed I was his daughter.
He noticed my fins and dropped me back in the sea.
I started to cry because
I realized I was me.
I couldn't stand up for myself,
I was far too weak.
No one could accept who I was
and I had forgotten I was a freak.
I wanted to die and return to the earth,
I made a decision to kill myself
I knew I would later be rebirthed.
The All will help me find the way,
but when I consulted my tarot cards
they had little to say.
I realized I was the only one who could decide
so I thought to myself,
I shall end this pain I failed to hide.
I looked down as the clam dug deep into my wrists,
the blood flowed around me
and all the fish threw a fit.
After awhile I soon saw the light.
My happiness was coming
and my smile was bright.
The story was over, I knew it was the end.
I was hoping somebody cared
and the truth did not bend.
Nautia, the mermaid of the sea.
She was no more,
she was me.

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