Saturday, November 21, 2009

Post Number One

Well hello internet people....
I don't really feel like writing any sort of introduction to this blog. It's mostly a way for me to compile things I've done and say "Hey look! I did SOMETHING with a semester off of school!" It's not much. Nothing has been edited or even really re-read. I believe in stream of consciousness. That said... here is some shit I've written in the past few weeks.. and maybe more to come.

magnetic poetry:

you and i
breathe passion
our drunk nature
melts time perfectly
every gentle embrace
makes fire

will we satisfy a violent fever
with a heavy rain of
warm lusty liquids?

serious sex
suck snap spank smear
spray spurt swallow sweet
scream strong

make my night
wanting woman light
satisfy my clit
wet willing slit
penetrate me with passion

will I cry until she tastes
my deliciously sweet vagina?
i dream of the dark night
when I convulse from her tongue

worship every private whisper
murmur dark dirty breath
scream above heavy golden showers
the weather becomes violently blue

remember delicious sweat
our fun winter lust
naked breasts in wet snow
our hot fire melting the night

girl your beauty
makes waves through
every drunk urge I have
I must drink you
and taste ecstasy

golden leg hair
exquisite fashion
perfect soft skin
why would you shave?

has she seriously pleasured you
like i would
the lust i feel for you
would make you come through night and day

perfect passion
penetrate pound pump prove
pretty pink petal

spread her feathers
like gentle labia flowers
exquisite color
looking ready for milk

inside her sweetly slick pussy
i crave popsicles
heavy moaning urges my grinding

clit worship
lovely ache
delicious burn
make love
girl give

non magnetic poetry:

heart ache
heart break

i don't want you
but i want someone
loneliness overtakes me
i've never been lonely
i'm not looking for love
i've never been in love

i don't want things back the way they were
i only want things the way i want them
i don't want to see you again, my love
i don't hate you all that much
i just think it's better if we spend some time apart
like the rest of our lives

i don't want someone like you
i want someone like me
we are no longer the same person
thank god

queer is my soul
my soul is queer
stereotypes define me
i defy stereotypes

i get crushes
when i get crushes
i crush hard
i get crushed
crushes motivate me
crushes ultimately destroy me


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